Negative Mel

Interesting Stuff…here is a post I found on Negative Mel from the Orberson Post.

The Orberson Post

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Negative Mel Lands In Tanagra

The A.P. reports this morning that Negative Mel has landed in Tanagra proper at 5:15 am GMT.  Reports are coming in of sporadic fighting is still going on at this time. We are getting reports that President Elton John is reported to be attempting diplomatic negations with limited success.

Scientists with the Decker Institute for Higher Learning reported late Friday September 3rd having spotted an unidentified object in the skies over Lexington, Kentucky. By 5:15 am GMT it was reported that the object was indeed Negative Mel and immediate hostilities insured.  The security forces of Tanagra immediately responded but found themselves overwhelmed by the superior forces of Negative Mel. Early reports suggest that as many as 2000 troupes have succumbed to the advanced forces of Negative Mel with reports of hundreds of troupes surrendering.

Within the initial hours of the conflict the A.P. reports that President Elton John had called for international aid and support in what he called “Tanagra’s gravest hour.” He has called upon the leaders of the free world to join him in his countries effort to rid their land of this invasion force. No word as yet if any countries have responded for their request for aid.

We will bring you more updates as this story unfolds.

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